Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cathedral Cove

We are sooooo fortunate to live in a part of NZ that gives us easy access to some of the most beautiful spots in the world...., we took the kids to world famous Cathedral Cove this week, famous for its stunning jewel like beauty and also for appearing in a few films, like Narnia (I think the 2nd one??), and theres another one that I can't remember the name of, off hand. Its a wee trek into this spot, about 45 mins, Set is superman - must get him a cape - he carried one wee guy on his back, and 60% of the time another wee guy on his front. Given that we don't do featherwights in this family, it was quite a feat!
This spot is simpy spectactular....white sands, white rock and cliffs, blood red powotakawa flowers and transperant turquoise and green sea. It was a busy day there, I had no idea everyone else in the world would be there!...we has launches, yatchs, sloops, speedboats, coming and mooring for a while, the occupants diving into the sea....lots of people like us trekked in and then out (I didn't count the stairs to get up the first part of the cliff but it sure felt like 100's!).

It was a wonderful day of exploring (depsite the hoardes of people), wee caves pummeled out of the cliff faces for small boys to explore. Snorkling we saw crayfish, wee fishes and other marine life. And of course the famous hole in the rock, which we walked through to reveal another exquiste beach. It is a stunning place, and I am thankful to have spent a small time there - hopefully to be repeated again! These are just few pics from out day.

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